Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Well I haven been on BC for 6 days now and I still don't have my blood test results yet :( I am hoping that I will them this week!!

As well it almost is looking like I will have the Lupron shot Next Wednesday but that has yet to be confirmed by the clinic...

Its also looking like the transfer will be done in the first 2 weeks of February!! YAY!! I ma hoping I will hear something soon about that though!!

I also am thinking that I am going to try and get a Midwife instead of a Dr. after all the Dr. Drama that I had!!! But I can't call a Midwife until I am for sure preggo...so we wait!!

Right now its a whole bunch of hurry up and wait!! I have ever mentioned that I am no good at waiting!! My Mom always tells me that Patience is a Virtue...well I have NONE!!! haha

Oh well its already Tuesday maybe something will happen in the next couple days!! In the meantime I will keep calling the clinic!! haha

That is the update for now!!

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