Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Drugs!!

Well yesterday was the first day of the Estrace...

I was feeling a little queasy and I think I may have been a tad irritable...but I am always bit moody...haha

A week after the Lupron shot I was having a really hard time...I minute I was happy, then crying, then screaming my face off, but that seems to have leveled itself out now...I am hoping that the Estrace will be ok!! I really don`t wanna have to go through that again!!

We shall see how it a week I up the dose of Estrace so things could get ugly here again...I am trying really hard to stay calm so that the transfer has a better chance of success :)

It looks like the transfer will be the end of the week of March 9th, possibly early the following week!! It cant come soon enough...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well I went today and got my Lupron shot...I must say..I can't believe the things I do for other people!! haha.

It really wasn't too bad...except for now my ass hurts...I think it will be better my morning!! I hope!!

I cant believe I ma actually started on the protocol now!! This month is going to FLY by...which is also awesome cause my Fiance is going to school for 5 weeks starting on Monday, so the faster it goes the better, less stressful!!!