Friday, April 17, 2009

long time

I know its been awhile since I last posted...I have been busy between going away for Easter, Dr. Appts, and Morning Sickness!!

I had the BETA tests and they were good 240 for the first one and 578 for the second!!

Today was the Ultrasound...and there is one little heartbeat in there beating at 142!!!

I am pretty excited!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well I broke down today I couldnt take it any longer!! I did a pee test 9 dpt...and I got 2 lines!!! WAHOO!!! I had a cheapie one here so I went and got a good one and took it again tonight and it still says positive!!

2 more days and I get my blood test!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Transfer is done!!!

Well I had my transfer yesterday and all went well...we transferred to excellent quality Embies...I got home from Victoria today and now I ma just catching up on email and stuff!! My tummy is a bit crampy today...I am told that is a good sign!! We shall see...My pregnancy test is on March 28, which is my oldest son's birthday as well as the IP's Anniversary...I am thinking that is a good sign!!

Now all I need to do is be patient for 11 days while i wait for the blood test!!! ugh...I am not patient at all...haha

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting close, oh so close!!!

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile…LOTS has happened though!!!

I started the Estrace and my moods are MUCH better, which is kind of weird because I was told that they would get worse…hmmm…I am happy that my moods have levelled out…no complaints here or from FH…haha

I had an Ultrasound to check my lining (12mm) YAY!!! That is super exciting, I ma told that it can’t get any better than that!!

The Donor has been at the clinic for a week now and she is having the Egg Pick Up today!! So that means that transfer might be on Monday!! If not then Wednesday!!! So for sure by this time next week I plan on being Pregnant!!!!

I met the Intended Parents yesterday, they are here for the retrieval from Australia!! They are AMAZING!!! Its sad that they won’t be here for the transfer though L they will have left a few hours before and be in the air…I am hoping to get to see them again on Sunday!!

I ma getting so excited about the transfer I bouncing!! I was excited to do this from the start but its getting closer every day, every email, every phone call, and now I am like a kid in a Candy Store, its all I talk about, Everything is about the transfer!! I think I am driving FH NUTS!! Haha oh well he does plenty to drive me nuts, pay back is sweet, haha

The egg Donor is at the clinic more than likely getting ready right now…EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK I can’t wait!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Drugs!!

Well yesterday was the first day of the Estrace...

I was feeling a little queasy and I think I may have been a tad irritable...but I am always bit moody...haha

A week after the Lupron shot I was having a really hard time...I minute I was happy, then crying, then screaming my face off, but that seems to have leveled itself out now...I am hoping that the Estrace will be ok!! I really don`t wanna have to go through that again!!

We shall see how it a week I up the dose of Estrace so things could get ugly here again...I am trying really hard to stay calm so that the transfer has a better chance of success :)

It looks like the transfer will be the end of the week of March 9th, possibly early the following week!! It cant come soon enough...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well I went today and got my Lupron shot...I must say..I can't believe the things I do for other people!! haha.

It really wasn't too bad...except for now my ass hurts...I think it will be better my morning!! I hope!!

I cant believe I ma actually started on the protocol now!! This month is going to FLY by...which is also awesome cause my Fiance is going to school for 5 weeks starting on Monday, so the faster it goes the better, less stressful!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho back to the Lawyer we go...

The Lawyer is able ot have us come in this evening the sign the rest of the copies of the we are heading back there in the next hour!!

We are getting closer I can almost taste it...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Contract is signed!!!

Well today T and I went to the Lawyer in Langley and went over the contract and signed it!! The Lawyer was REALLY good, and Gavin was VERY well behaved while we were there!!

We only made a couple little notes just to make things a little clearer, so that there wasn't as much Grey area!!

Only one small problem...she called after we left there and left a message that she needs 4 signed originals and we only signed one...hmmm. So I am going to see if she can either email a copy to me and i can print it and we can sign it and have it couriered back to her or if she can courier it to us and we sign and send them back...I am hoping!!! I really don't want T to have to take another whole day off work to go back there again...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well I got an email from the clinic FINALLY with some dates!!!

I go for the Lupron shot on Feb 6th, I stop the Birth Control on Feb. 13th, I have a blood test on the 17th, I start the Estrace on the 20th, I Increase the estrace on the 27th, I have an ultrasound on March 3rd, there are a couple other meds that I start in there but I dont have dates for then yet :( But by the middle of march I think we should be doing the transfer!! YAY!!

Its all becoming so real!! The only that could be better than getting the dates is the dates actually being here!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yet Another bump in the Road...

Well The lawyer had to change our appt. til Thursday to make sure that she has the papers in her office..ugh...

Oh well I guess its better than T taking a day off work to go there and they don't have it, not to mention the drive there!!

So now Thursday it is!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well I got an email today that I could call the lawyer and make an appt. to go sign the contract!!! YAY!!

So I called and Monday morning I go and we sign the contract!! YAY!!

I am hoping that by the end of the week it will all be signed and back and the clinic will have word that it has all been done and we can move forward with the protocol and get some dates!!

Its getting closer to the transfer!! YAY!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things are still moving, slowly but steadily!!

Well I talked to the clinic again...and they want me to stay on the Marvelon continuously until I hear different from them.

They are a little bit behind but are working on the protocol so hopefully we will get that soon and still be able to do the transfer by the middle of February!! But we shall see...

Still waiting on the lawyers for the contract too that could also be part of the hold up...Not 100% sure though, the clinic did close for 2 weeks at Christmas (no wonder they are behind)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rolling Forward!!!

Yesterday I found out that the contract should be ready in about a week and the clinic is working on the protocol!!! That means I will get some dates in the next few days!!!

Its SO exciting...things are moving along very nicely!!

But for now its more more waiting...ugh I hate to wait!! Oh least there has been some news!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally some news!!

Well I called the clinic again today for the 3rd day in a row!! I will be their WORST nightmare...haha (just kidding)

Anyways our blood work is all in and its all good!!! YAY!! I am happy about that!! I was worried that I may have to redo the blood sugar one as I had rolaids too late...guess its ok!!

Now I hae to wait until the clinic hears from the ED hopefully that will be in the next couple days...and then they will throw out some dates and email me my protocol from there!!

Now I wait more...oh well...soon enough I will know whats happening!! I least I know for sure now that we are going ahead with everything...I am all clear!!! YAY!! That is a HUGE stress off my shoulders...the next huge stress with be the IVF taking!! But I ma having a very positive attitude about it all and I am secretely hoping for Twins for S & M...shhh dont tell them...haha. I know that they will be THRILLED if it was!!

Well that is my update for now!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Well I haven been on BC for 6 days now and I still don't have my blood test results yet :( I am hoping that I will them this week!!

As well it almost is looking like I will have the Lupron shot Next Wednesday but that has yet to be confirmed by the clinic...

Its also looking like the transfer will be done in the first 2 weeks of February!! YAY!! I ma hoping I will hear something soon about that though!!

I also am thinking that I am going to try and get a Midwife instead of a Dr. after all the Dr. Drama that I had!!! But I can't call a Midwife until I am for sure we wait!!

Right now its a whole bunch of hurry up and wait!! I have ever mentioned that I am no good at waiting!! My Mom always tells me that Patience is a Virtue...well I have NONE!!! haha

Oh well its already Tuesday maybe something will happen in the next couple days!! In the meantime I will keep calling the clinic!! haha

That is the update for now!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holidays are Over...

Well The Holidays are done now and the clinic is open again this morning!! I am hoping that I will hear from them and get the blood test results today (if they are in)!!!

As well the Lawyer will be back today so we can get the contract done...YAY!! Things are rolling!!

I ma really hoping that we can do the transfer in the first half of that the intended parents can be home with baby in time for Christmas with their family!!! I guess I wait and see what the Dr. says....ugghhh I HATE waiting!!!