Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holy Meds!!

Well today I went and picked up the Birth Control to start tomorrow!! YAY!!! As well I picked up the prenatal Vitamins, Folic Acid, and Calcium pills, oh and the Lupron shot!!

I will be good and Vitamined (I dont think that is a word...haha) up here soon!!

So tomorrow will be the Big pill starting day!!! WOW!!! I cant believe how fast this is all going...I only first had contact with the IPs about a month ago!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well the Doctor at the Fertility Clinic mentioned that if I had a DR. on the mainland that he would work with my DR and then I wouldn't have to travel to the Island 10 000 times...So that was one of the other things on my list of things that I wanted to get done before January 5, 2009!!

So today I called a Dr. who is accepting new patients here and the receptionist told me there are 2 Dr`s in the clinic who are accepting...yay!! So I go in today to see about him being my prenatal Dr.

The fun beings!! I go there and he tells me that he doesn't do prenatal and no one in the clinic does but he will write me a referral letter to to go the prenatal clinic here in town. I am thinking Awesome that was super easy!! Ya right who am I trying to kid??? I go to the clinic where the Prenatal Dr. is and they tell me that I have to see my family Dr. until I am 20 weeks Pregnant...hmm

I only actually went ot the second clinic because I wasnt sure if I should go in before the transfer and all the fun stuff happens since the Dr. on the Island wants to work with a Dr. here or what. So I guess I will wait and talk to the Fertility Dr. and see what he has to say, he may wantto contact the prenatal Dr. and see aout me going there the whole time, just because this will not be a natural pregnancy, and there is alot of things involved that wouldnt be involved if I got pregnant on my own. Such as extra blood work and utlra sounds and hormone shots and things like that!

So that was a little bit of a gong show today!! But at least now i hae a Dr. here!! haha

Monday, December 29, 2008

Pyscology Consult

Well I was stressed about the consult today for absolutely nothing!! haha

The call went very well he basically just told me again what everyone else has already told me and that was was very relaxed and he told me that I know what what I ma getting into as much as anyone can know!!

And at the end of the call he told me GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!! Which means that he is giving me the green light from his perspective!! Which is good news!!

Now I just have to wait for the blood test results and the contract to be done and everything will be rolling!! YAY!!

I am getting excited!!

I will update again when I know more!!

Bye for now :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The First Steps

Well this is my very first entry and very first blog ever!!

I am going through the screening process to be a Surrogate Mother for a wonderful couple who have been through much in their journey to have a child! I wouldn't wish what they have been through on my on worst enemy!

So far I have had the Consultation with the fertility Doctor and the Blood work done! 2 big things done and out of the way!! YAY!!

Monday night I have a phone consultation with the psychologist...I am nervous about that one...haha

By January First I should be started on the Birth Control and prenatal vitamins and then when the clinic opens on January 5th the Doctor should have all the results from the blood work and the psychologist!!

Then I will know more about when things will proceed!!

I am so happy to be a part of helping this couple fill their dreams of becoming parents!! Thanks so much for allowing me to give this gift to you!!!