Saturday, December 27, 2008

The First Steps

Well this is my very first entry and very first blog ever!!

I am going through the screening process to be a Surrogate Mother for a wonderful couple who have been through much in their journey to have a child! I wouldn't wish what they have been through on my on worst enemy!

So far I have had the Consultation with the fertility Doctor and the Blood work done! 2 big things done and out of the way!! YAY!!

Monday night I have a phone consultation with the psychologist...I am nervous about that one...haha

By January First I should be started on the Birth Control and prenatal vitamins and then when the clinic opens on January 5th the Doctor should have all the results from the blood work and the psychologist!!

Then I will know more about when things will proceed!!

I am so happy to be a part of helping this couple fill their dreams of becoming parents!! Thanks so much for allowing me to give this gift to you!!!

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