Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well the Doctor at the Fertility Clinic mentioned that if I had a DR. on the mainland that he would work with my DR and then I wouldn't have to travel to the Island 10 000 times...So that was one of the other things on my list of things that I wanted to get done before January 5, 2009!!

So today I called a Dr. who is accepting new patients here and the receptionist told me there are 2 Dr`s in the clinic who are accepting...yay!! So I go in today to see about him being my prenatal Dr.

The fun beings!! I go there and he tells me that he doesn't do prenatal and no one in the clinic does but he will write me a referral letter to to go the prenatal clinic here in town. I am thinking Awesome that was super easy!! Ya right who am I trying to kid??? I go to the clinic where the Prenatal Dr. is and they tell me that I have to see my family Dr. until I am 20 weeks Pregnant...hmm

I only actually went ot the second clinic because I wasnt sure if I should go in before the transfer and all the fun stuff happens since the Dr. on the Island wants to work with a Dr. here or what. So I guess I will wait and talk to the Fertility Dr. and see what he has to say, he may wantto contact the prenatal Dr. and see aout me going there the whole time, just because this will not be a natural pregnancy, and there is alot of things involved that wouldnt be involved if I got pregnant on my own. Such as extra blood work and utlra sounds and hormone shots and things like that!

So that was a little bit of a gong show today!! But at least now i hae a Dr. here!! haha

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