Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well I broke down today I couldnt take it any longer!! I did a pee test 9 dpt...and I got 2 lines!!! WAHOO!!! I had a cheapie one here so I went and got a good one and took it again tonight and it still says positive!!

2 more days and I get my blood test!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Transfer is done!!!

Well I had my transfer yesterday and all went well...we transferred to excellent quality Embies...I got home from Victoria today and now I ma just catching up on email and stuff!! My tummy is a bit crampy today...I am told that is a good sign!! We shall see...My pregnancy test is on March 28, which is my oldest son's birthday as well as the IP's Anniversary...I am thinking that is a good sign!!

Now all I need to do is be patient for 11 days while i wait for the blood test!!! ugh...I am not patient at all...haha

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting close, oh so close!!!

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile…LOTS has happened though!!!

I started the Estrace and my moods are MUCH better, which is kind of weird because I was told that they would get worse…hmmm…I am happy that my moods have levelled out…no complaints here or from FH…haha

I had an Ultrasound to check my lining (12mm) YAY!!! That is super exciting, I ma told that it can’t get any better than that!!

The Donor has been at the clinic for a week now and she is having the Egg Pick Up today!! So that means that transfer might be on Monday!! If not then Wednesday!!! So for sure by this time next week I plan on being Pregnant!!!!

I met the Intended Parents yesterday, they are here for the retrieval from Australia!! They are AMAZING!!! Its sad that they won’t be here for the transfer though L they will have left a few hours before and be in the air…I am hoping to get to see them again on Sunday!!

I ma getting so excited about the transfer I bouncing!! I was excited to do this from the start but its getting closer every day, every email, every phone call, and now I am like a kid in a Candy Store, its all I talk about, Everything is about the transfer!! I think I am driving FH NUTS!! Haha oh well he does plenty to drive me nuts, pay back is sweet, haha

The egg Donor is at the clinic more than likely getting ready right now…EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK I can’t wait!!!