Thursday, January 29, 2009

Contract is signed!!!

Well today T and I went to the Lawyer in Langley and went over the contract and signed it!! The Lawyer was REALLY good, and Gavin was VERY well behaved while we were there!!

We only made a couple little notes just to make things a little clearer, so that there wasn't as much Grey area!!

Only one small problem...she called after we left there and left a message that she needs 4 signed originals and we only signed one...hmmm. So I am going to see if she can either email a copy to me and i can print it and we can sign it and have it couriered back to her or if she can courier it to us and we sign and send them back...I am hoping!!! I really don't want T to have to take another whole day off work to go back there again...

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