Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally some news!!

Well I called the clinic again today for the 3rd day in a row!! I will be their WORST nightmare...haha (just kidding)

Anyways our blood work is all in and its all good!!! YAY!! I am happy about that!! I was worried that I may have to redo the blood sugar one as I had rolaids too late...guess its ok!!

Now I hae to wait until the clinic hears from the ED hopefully that will be in the next couple days...and then they will throw out some dates and email me my protocol from there!!

Now I wait more...oh well...soon enough I will know whats happening!! I least I know for sure now that we are going ahead with everything...I am all clear!!! YAY!! That is a HUGE stress off my shoulders...the next huge stress with be the IVF taking!! But I ma having a very positive attitude about it all and I am secretely hoping for Twins for S & M...shhh dont tell them...haha. I know that they will be THRILLED if it was!!

Well that is my update for now!!


  1. You are just an amazing person!

    Imagine if it is twins, or dare I say, triplets!

  2. Triplets isn't A very high possibility as the Dr. only likes to transfer 2 embryos, having said that though...if they are poor quality he may transfer 3!!